Our kids t-shirts are Australian-made and handprinted by us.
Our adults t-shirts are not made locally as a result of most of the fashion industry going off-shore & leaving no skills left in Australia ...but we print them ourselves!
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there isn't anything about screenprinting that my friends at publisher do not know - they have helped me through many a screenprinting problem over the years.

well spotted loves an ethical business. i met these guys at an organic trade fair in sydney where i was trying to find locally produced organic cotton & i immediately knew they were in business to try & make a difference.

a great quarterly magazine that sources great independent design for kids and the parents that look after them.

not only one of the best kids shops around but it's my local & you can get my t-shirts there!

this is quite simply the best playground that our family has ever been to! it also gives us a great excuse to go to melbourne.

a CD for child & adult to enjoy equally.

the blog that became an abctv arts series.

amazing street art from around the world ...daily!

we love simple art that is surprising, like art made of plastic bags that just appear out of a new york streetscape & then gently disappear again.

a must for anyone who needs to communicate with an astromech droid.