Our kids t-shirts are Australian-made and handprinted by us.
Our adults t-shirts are not made locally as a result of most of the fashion industry going off-shore & leaving no skills left in Australia ...but we print them ourselves!
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ell Spotted t-shirts are born out of parental joy, expectation & well, frustration!

Somehow it helps get me through to describe some of their idiosyncratic ways on a t-shirt. And Well Spotted t-shirts are made out of a need to keep all of my production as locally focused as possible ...so I travel 12km to Bankstown to have my t-shirts made and I print them all myself, yes with my own hands!

If all the big brands insist on manufacturing off-shore then the day will come when there will be no one left in Australia that can make a t-shirt (or any clothing at all) & we don't want that ...do we!
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